Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sinful Colors Nail Junkie (pic heavy)

  I am so so sorry I've been so lazy with posts.  With school quickly approaching and work and everything, I really dont have time!  But this one (and um every other one, lol) is for you all!!
  This first set of pictures is one coat over a black creme (Wet n Wild Black Creme):

  Two coats over a black creme:

  Sorry for the absurd amount of pictures.  It was literally that amazing.  I got several compliments per day on this manicure.  Layering = win!  OH and some of these pictures are with matte top coat
  My nails are much much longer now as you soon will see...

Happy layering,

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  1. Pretty! I have this one but haven't worn it over black. It looks really neat.


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