Monday, September 26, 2011

Pure Ice No Means No (and other stuff)

  I did this the night before Irene hit.  She hit me bad-ish.  I already have an entire post up about her.  But now Blogger isn't cooperating with me again.  Sigh.  Enjoy these terrible-ish pictures.
Just No Means No.  A very slightly blackened purple.  IRL you can see this hidden multichrome shimmer in it.
Yay awesomeness!
Awkward matte picture.  I can NOT photograph matte...
  In this I used 3 coats Pure Ice No Means No, then 1 coat of Pure Ice Tease (formerly seen here!), and then 1 coat of Pure Ice Oh Baby!.  Then I matte-ified it.  Matte isn't my friend :(
  It never dried fully so it just wiped right off the next day.

Happy shimmering,

Thursday, September 22, 2011


  Hey guys.  Just wanted to give you a little update...  With school and everything starting back up, I've been over-the-top stressed.  This year I have only one honors class, but I have an AP class that takes almost all of my free time.  All this schoolwork, plus receiving bad grade after bad grade (in a row, my first few grades back were B-, F-, D, D+, respectively in English, History, Math, and English again).  Grades are starting to pick up now that I'm used to the format that my new teachers take and everything but it doesn't take away from the over-stressed feeling I'm having right now.
  I'm still taking time to read my nail blogs, but I have to speed read and not get to see the whole post.  I don't have much time to do my nails either.  But more of that is that I do my nails and a few days later it is ruined because that stressed feeling is causing me to bite my nails.  I bit a couple so low that it hurts a little to type on them.  They need some TLC and some relaxation so I think they are going to be blank for a while which I don't really mind except that I have a ton of untrieds to go through.
  Currently, my last written post is my Del Sol post which is scheduled for the 20th of October.  I originally did this manicure September 6th (everything is out of order I promise) so you can see that I'm ahead.  I've got five (I think) posts for you from now until about Halloween time.  I really doubt that I can go that long without a color on my nails but I do think its healthier to just put the NailGrowth on and leave it that way.  I guess we'll see how long I can go with basically bare nails...

Happy (not)painting,

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lemonade Anyone?

  Finally!  A successful water marble!!!
  Just to go on a quick semi-rant, I did this for away band camp.  But because Hurricane Irene is about to slam where I live, away band camp got changed.  It was supposed to be 3 days at home, 1 off day, 4 days away.  Now it is turning out to be 3 days at home, 1 off day, another day home, another off day, 2 days away.  But my brother and I have decided to accept this as the best possible decision that could've been made.
My pictures are jumping around again.  This picture was supposed to be at the very end.
  So now this manicure is probably not going to go to away band camp :P
I am extremely happy with this.
My extremely pretty favorite nail.
  Blogger, please cooperate with me.  Alas, my pictures are still not in order.

Happy marbling,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rainbow Polka Dots

  I saw Kayla's tutorial on her site (riiiiiiiiight here!).  Mine isn't nearly as close to awesome as hers, but I was pleased with mine.  I used most of the same colors as my water marble but with Sinful Colors Happy Ending instead of the Hot Topic one and OPI Funky Dunkey instead of the Funky Fingers purple.  It looks okay I guess. It made me happy though :)
Ta-da!  My awesome left hand!
I am happy :)
My slightly screwed up right hand.  It didn't go too well here...
  I needed something impressive for marching band camp and this was what I was wearing for "home camp".  I need something to keep my eyes busy when I'm bored.  I had to explain to my BFF that my nails are my way of impressing people.
  When I couldn't decide between this and another splatter mani, Noah decided on this.  Thanks Noah!

Happy dotting,

(As of when I am writing this, I get my GOSH Holographic in two or three days!!  Eek!!!)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Water Marble Semi-Fail

  I tried watermarbling and it turned out okay-ish.  The reason that I didn't like it was that some nails were lighter and some were darker.  I shouldn't've used six colors for this...
  Those six colors were Sinful Colors Cream Pink, Wet n Wild Shine Sunny Side Up, Pure Ice Excuse Me, Hot Topic Neon Green, Funky Fingers 220 Volts, and Funky Fingers Riot.
Not a bad first try
Terrible cleanup...
Favorite nail was my pinky
No comment
After wiping it off (it never dried) it looked like this.  It wasn't fun to clean...
  It wasn't a bad first try, but it didn't turn out like I wanted it to.  Oh well.  I'll try again another day.

Happy marbling,

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I Have to Stop Hauling...

In the sun...
In the shade...

I don't remember the name...
Fantasy Makers (from Wet n Wild).  $1.99 each at Ulta.

My three new OPI's
Swimsuit... Nailed It! (from Miss America)

Love Is A Racket (from Glam Slam! US)

PROS AND BRONZE! (from Glam Slam! US)
Happy hauling,

Lets Go Mets! (for game on 8/20/11)

  Ok I did this Mets manicure with Ogre-the-Top Blue (blue) and
Again blogger is screwing up the order of my pictures.  Why blogger?  Why??
Niice.  Please ignore the dye all over my hands.  I was tie-dying before I took these pics.
  We lost 11-9 but it was a very interesting game.  Several lead changes and a fire.  Very fun :)

Happy shattering,

Friday, September 2, 2011


  Woah.  We had a hurricane, an earthquake, and a bunch of other stuff that normally doesn't happen in the NE in one week!!  Freaky...  These are my Irene pictures.
  My dad and I went out looking for coffee (which was nowhere to be seen) and just drove around.  I didn't feel like being in my dark house (lost power, but we had a generator).  The lights were out from about 1 AM until 5 PM same day.
The water was creeping up on the beach.
A tree that closed a really busy road.
The boating dock of the lake.
The sunset that evening.
It was beautiful!
Adam pointed it out to me.
A lake near my house.
Happy waiting out a hurricane,