Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rainbow Polka Dots

  I saw Kayla's tutorial on her site (riiiiiiiiight here!).  Mine isn't nearly as close to awesome as hers, but I was pleased with mine.  I used most of the same colors as my water marble but with Sinful Colors Happy Ending instead of the Hot Topic one and OPI Funky Dunkey instead of the Funky Fingers purple.  It looks okay I guess. It made me happy though :)
Ta-da!  My awesome left hand!
I am happy :)
My slightly screwed up right hand.  It didn't go too well here...
  I needed something impressive for marching band camp and this was what I was wearing for "home camp".  I need something to keep my eyes busy when I'm bored.  I had to explain to my BFF that my nails are my way of impressing people.
  When I couldn't decide between this and another splatter mani, Noah decided on this.  Thanks Noah!

Happy dotting,

(As of when I am writing this, I get my GOSH Holographic in two or three days!!  Eek!!!)

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