Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Spring Splatter Mani :)

  I did this all the way back in March when Spring first started.  For this I used Love & Beauty Olive (the blue), Zoya Pippa (yellow), and Funky Fingers Cheshire (purple) and Wet n Wild French White for the base to splatter over.

Err, kinda failed couple of fingers.

  Even though it really doesn't appear like it, I think it came out very well.  The colors worked very well together and it looked actually pretty good.  I like it.
  Err, not really much to say about it, but I got newer, smaller straws for splattering.

Happy splattering,

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Zoya Ali and Love and Beauty Pink Speckled Glitter and Pure ICE Don't You Wish

  Hello peoples!  I am sorry to photobomb you later in this post but I couldn't choose many good pictures so I just included a ton of them :P.
  While I was shopping at a random mall last weekend, I came across this at the huge Forever 21 that they have there.  Like my local one is big, but this one is like four times the size of mine.  Mega.  And in there I found THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  In real life, it looks like OPI I Lily Love You, or this if you see it.  It looks rediculously close to it, but the Love and Beauty one has less flakies and more iridescent glitter.  But it is still close!  I only got it because I was so angry that I missed out on the OPI one.  This was a nice, (so much) cheap(-er) alternitive.  But my bottle is THICKKKKKKK and I wish I had known that.  The brush was all wonky too but I could still deal with it.
  I didn't want to go all amazing that fast so I started out layering it over Zoya Ali, a medium-ish neon-ish pink.  A pink that I can kiiiiinda deal with.
  And as an accent nail, I put two layers of Pure ICE Don't You Wish (which is the same concept as CG Fairy Dust but not the same thing (bigger glitter in DYW, more colorful, smaller and more holo in FD)).
  So onto the pictures!
L to R: flakies, flakies, Pure ICE glitter, flakies.
There's my flakies!

Flash, not NEARLY color accurate

To show the differene
Probably the most color accurate one but not quite right...

Too dark

  It is a solid mani.  I did this on Saturday and as of today, Wednesday, I still have it almost perfect.  Just a few chips on the edges of nails and my left pointer finger's one completely popped off.  But it LASTS!!!!
  Again, sorry to photobomb you.  Just had to do it.
  Oh, and while I was at that mall, I also picked up Icing Pre Game (this is Icing After Party but in my eyes it looks like the same thing, my bottle must have been mislabled cuz I have never seen Icing Pre Game), Icing Rockstar From Mars (to complete my Charlie Sheen collection), and Icing Birthday Beyotch (another DL similar thingy).

Happy flakie-ing,

Monday, May 21, 2012

Wet n Wild Black Creme with China Glaze Fairy Dust

  I have already given you this general combo heree but I think that it looks better now, because I got it in natural sunlight.  As I am writing this (April 14th), it is soo warm and will only get warmer :).

Looks like stars in the night sky...
There's the holo!
  I used a different black (I have been using my Wet n Wilds waaaayyy too much lately) but I still got the same result.  Beautiful application by the Wet n Wild, a little gloppy for the China Glaze one.  Im surprised...
  2 coats of black, 1 coat of glitter.  My usual base + top coats.  LOVE IT.

Happy glittering,

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wet n Wild French White with Funky Fingers Teal Scales

  So after my fail with Teal Scales, I decided to go a different route.  A more basic route...  Enter Wet n Wild French White!!

  There we go!  Beautiful shimmer.  It doesnt really appear as gorgeous as it would look over a darker color but it is still pretty nice.  I like it.  I actually forced myself to take this off.
  2 coats white, 1 coat shatter.  My usual base + top coats.

Happy shattering,

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


  Hello people of the polish world!!!  I know you've already seen a post from me today (probably like within the past hour), BUT I have a reason I promise.
  Today is May 15th!  And do you know what that means?????????  One year.  One year of blogging to the world about polish (and whatever is on my mind at that moment).  One lovely year.  This is probably the longest I've kept up something this consistent that I LOVE.  I LOVE blogging about polish, I LOVE wearing polish, and I LOVE buying polish (though my wallet may not...).
  So anyway, here is my celebratory ONE YEAR BLOG-O-VERSARY manicure!
A red chrome-ish polish

Full sunlight


Bottle shot

  Such a gorgeous polish (that I am actually currently wearing)!  What I did was put on a very thin coat of base coat to prevent it from bubbling and I put on two coats the right way; all brushstrokes in the same direction, all even, etc.  This way it looks AH-MAY-ZING!  I got this last summer (umm and I paid full price for it ($15 later...)) to replace my mini bottle of an OPI polish (that I ADORE) and I was waiting for a special time to wear it, like when my nails got longer.  But I thought a blog-o-versary was a special enough time :).
  So 2 coats of polish and my usual base + top coat.  Boy does this baby make my nails stand out!
  OH!  Aaaaaand this is my 100th post!!!! 100 posts in 1 year!!!! (and 27 followers gained ;D)  I love you all and thank you for supporting me!

Happy Blog-O-Versary!

Funky Fingers Baby Baby Baby and Sand and Stilletos

  Hello world!!  A while ago I decided to do an awesome holographic accent manicure and I ended up with a Funky Fingers glitter manicure.  So ta-da!
Macro photo.

Blurred to show holo-ness
  Most of these pictures are from inside of my car after school so thats why there is a weird slanted background in some.
  I think I ended up with two thick coats of each and a coat or two of top coat to smooth it all out.  With my usual base + top coats.

Happy holo-ing,

Saturday, May 12, 2012

$OPI Slushied and OPI Funky Dunkey

  I went college touring along parts of the east coast with my brother during spring break, so I needed a cute, solid manicure to last me the week.  It didn't last me, but it was still cute and solid.  I used Sephora by OPI Slushied (arguably my favorite blue creme) and OPI Funky Dunkey.  I love love love them both.

  It was a pretty nice accent mani if I do say so myself.  The blue and purple looked pretty good together.
  3 coats of each, decent application.  My usual base + top coats.  Niice!

Happy accenting,

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Evolution of Zoya Phoebe

  The most PERFECT blue matte went through one of my evolutions.  It is gorgeous by itself anyway, but I had to make it more epic.  :)
With top coat.

Oh my God, if all of my pictures could look like this, I would be forever happy.
Same as above.
Uh, green?  Lol.
With Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday

  I didn't leave Phoebe matte by itself, but I wore it without Happy Birthday for a day I believe.  It looked so gorgeous.  No complaints at all.
  Phoebe had 3 coats, Happy Birthday had 2.  My usual base + top coat.  Lovely, just lovely.

Happy evolving,