Saturday, January 28, 2012

China Glaze Fairy Dust (over SC Black on Black)

  Ok so I have done this a few times before, just put Fairy Dust over black.  It's the best way to do it.  Cuz Fairy Dust is just amazing :D.
Holo glitter :D


So many pics from the same angle

Bottle pic

More from this angleee



Oh my love.


Why am I commenting on everything?

That's a very good question

Thumb :)
  There is a comparison of FD and Northern Lights riight here.  Fairy Dust is just like OMG an epic win.  I got it on saaaaale at Sally Beauty so it was even better.  And it can go over ANY color!
  That's all for today!

Happy holographicing,

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mini Haul Jan 2012

  I had a 20% off entire purchase for Ulta so I went binge nail polish shopping last night.  This is the result...  (you can see nail wheel swatches for the entire Anchors Away collection here!)

-China Glaze Ahoy!  (fuchsia with shimmer throughout) Anchors Away
-China Glaze Ultamite Holiday (gold holographic glitter) Ulta Exclusives 2011
-China Glaze Hey Sailor (red creme) Anchors Away
-Zoya Pippa (yellow creme) La-Di-Da Collection
-Zoya Ali (neon pink creme) La-Di-Da Collection

I plan to enjoy ;)

Happy couponing,

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Deborah Lippmann Forget You

  Waaaaaaaayyyy back in August, during Nordstrom's anniversary sale, I picked up the Get This Party Started Set.  Awesome!  You can see the set here and you can see Happy Birthday here and here.
  I put it on and really didn't like it.  After almost a full day of wear, I love it.  I feel like I have chocolate cupcakes on my fingers (glitter reminds me of sprinkles).  It is oh-so gorgeous.  Glitter, check.  Black base, check.  Expensive, check.  Awesome, check!


Black jelly-ish base with Happy Birthday glitter
The bottle

Oh god...
OMG = oh my glitter

Yeaaaaah I screwed up application on that finger, just ignore it :)

  One coat of top coat basically smoothes it out.  I used two for double-shine.  It was kinda dull with only one.
  I needed something motivational.  Something... inspiring.  My solution, glitter.  And lots of it.  I needed something kick-ass to start of midterms with.  As of right this second, I finished my first two.  6 more to go.
  Possibly expect something this weekend or early next week!

Happy forgetting,

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Giveaway at Rebecca Likes Nails!

Head over there RIGHT NOW!!!!! You won't be disappointed.

Link to Rebecca Likes Nails
(Giveaway for her birthday/2000+ followers)
Just browse around and add yourself to her follower list and poof! you're done!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

China Glaze First Mate

  I'm not sure if I posted about this before.
  It's a lovely navy creme that is perfect.  It is opaque in one coat but I used two coats for good measure.  It is love in a bottle.

In low lights it looks almost black.

I do not know where that light blue shine is coming from.

  I got a new device so my picture quality is better.  Even I can see it.  It's so much better than I've had before right?

Happy painting,

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Essie Luxeffects: Shine of the Times (over SC Black on Black)

  This polish... Oh this polish is a stunner.
  Funny story!  Our class finished our work in Spanish early on Monday or Tuesday and one girl told the girl in front of her to look at her nails.  I was sitting right next to her so I took a look too.  Turns out, she was wearing the Essie Luxeffects A Cut Above (see it on Scrangie here!).  And the girl asked her what it was.  She couldn't remember so I chimed in and told her it was from the Essie Luxeffects collection.  She said that I was right and how did I know that?  I held my nails in front of her and said that I got one from the same collection.  She was amazed by how much this polish does :).
  So my first Essie.  A stunner.  So happy I finally got a flakie topcoat.  I wanted Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure soooo badly, but I couldn't find it anywhere.  But Shine of the Times is a HT, 2010, GOSH Rainbow, etc.  It is the coveted flakies.  And it was a justified price too.  $8.00 plus tax, not terrible.
One coat over black.  It looks green in some lights...
And a fiery orange/red in others

Fingers at various lights to show difference and range of these flakies
  So so so so so so so soooooo so awesome!  *falls on floor in happiness*
  Go and buy it.  Now.  I'm serious.

Happy flaking,

P.S.- Plus, this was my New Years' manicure.  Talk about starting 2012 off with a bang!