Sunday, August 28, 2011

Funky Fingers Port Royal (Jelly Sammich)

Awkward blurry picture!  Jelly sammich.
Thumb.  Why is blogger being stupid again and messing up my pictures?
  This mani was taken off after about an hour.  Why?  Because it didn't dry!!!  Grr!!!  But it looked soo awesome while it existed.  To clarify, the Port Royal to jelly-ify it didn't dry on my left hand and Happy Birthday (finally tried, sadly not for long) didn't dry on my right hand.
Looks slightly jelly here.  IT IS NOT NEON! YAY!

Nice with Happy Birthday on it :)
  Port Royal is scented!!  I smelled something nice and sweet as it was drying but my brother said that it was my imagination.  It wasn't :)  It is a candy bubblegum smell.  Nice.
  Don't slap me, but I don't love Happy Birthday as much as I thought that I would...

Happy sammiching,

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