Sunday, August 7, 2011

Late July/Early April Hauls

  These past couple of weeks have been like a shopping spree for me.  This is kind of sad...
All my goodies :)

Wet N Wild "SaGreena the Teenage Witch" (about $1.74 at Walmart)
Pure Ice "Oh Baby!" ($1.99 at Walmart)
Pure Ice "Busted" ($1.99 at Walmart)
Revlon "Blue Lagoon" ($3.74 at Walmart)
Mini 4-pack of neons with 3.75ml in each bottle ($2.99 on clearance together at dELiA*s)
Love & Beauty "Blush" ($2.80 at Forever 21)
Eek!!  Expensives!!!
Butter London "Knees Up" from their new collection ($14 at Ulta)
Deborah Lippmann "Get This Party Started!" set (including "Happy Birthday", "Candy Shop", and "Forget You") ($42 at Nordstrom at their anniversary sale)
Necklace: $5.95 at H&M
Lip Gloss (coconut flavored): $1.95 at H&M
Lotion (Paris Amour): $1 at Bath & Body Works
Ring: $3.80 at Forever 21
I absolutely adore this!!!!!!!
  Now go out and buy your own goodies!!!

Happy shopping,

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