Monday, August 22, 2011

China Glaze Silver Lining

  Another one from my birthday!!  I never thought that this could be opaque but it is!!!!!!!!!  I am not sure what collection it is or if it is from the core line...
  This reminds me of a happier time... (cue sappy music)  This reminds me of my second or third grade birthday party at a roller rink where my best guyfriend came before he moved to Virginia.  Even though he wasn't the one who gave me the bottle of nail polish that this reminds me of.  Someone else did.  I still have the bottle and the little pink purse it came with...
In the shade.  It kind of looks like a foil here, doesn't it?
Before you think this, NO IT IS NOT HOLO.  It is just super shiny :)
  Sigh... I am so glad I finally tried this one.  I feel that this is too opaque to be worn as a glitter on top of another color.  Surprisingly, I do not fear removal of this.  I think that the glitter in this is small enough to come off easily.  And a bonus, one coat of top coat takes away the gritty feel of it!!!
  I feel like a need a red silk dress or a little black dress to go with this.  If I was walking the red carpet, I would walk it with this on my nails.  :)
  This is what I needed.

Happy glittering,

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