Monday, August 1, 2011

Splatter Manicure (A First!)

  I was so excited to do this (after I waited on my Deborah Lippmann manicure)!  But let me just say this took forever.  Though it looks so cool so I don't care! :)
  I did this at like 9am right after my brother left for work and I walked back into my house after finishing this and it was 11:10am!  But that evening when I was at my best friends house she wanted me to do a splatter mani for her too.  She used a light taupe shimmer for her base (I don't know the name, sorry!) and we splattered with China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Sinful Colors Pink Cream, and OPI Ogre-the-Top Blue.  I don't have pictures of her manicure because I did it at night and when I was at her house the next afternoon, it had already chipped because she failed to put on top coat *tsk tsk*.
  But on my splatter mani, I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White as a base and I splattered with Sinful Colors Cream Pink, Funky Fingers Riot, and Funky Fingers 220 Volts.  I wanted to use cheaper nail polish (SC were $2 each at Target and FF were 3 for $5 at Five Below) in case it looked very bad (but luckily it didn't).
  I used the tutorial from Jen at The PolishAholic to do this mani.  The size straw I used was smaller than a McDonald's straw but about the size of a Starbucks straw that you use to drink your coffee.  I also decided to add shimmer in Pure Ice Oh Baby on top of the splatter :)

The plate that I splattered over.
Left thumb.  Very blurry (I know :P).  This was the first nail I splattered.  I think I did a pretty good job :)

Left hand.  Looks pretty good, eh?

Extremely blurry right thumb.  I will explain later...
My two favorite fingers (right ring and right pinky).
My workspace.  Sad isn't it?
The Deborah Lippmann set I just picked up from Nordstrom during their anniversary sale!

Right hand.  If you're wondering, my computer is from when I searched "Youtube myspace and I'll google your yahoo!"

  Okay I have a few things to explain about this post.  First of all, I am starting to watermark my pictures.  I don't fear people stealing them, I just want it to be made known that they are mine (and just in case someone tries to take them).
  Also, I am ashamed at the quality of my pictures.  They really suck and I really do know it.  I have my Nikon at home but its really not cooperating.  The last time I can remember it cooperating was about early June.  But it won't focus so I do have to post the sucky quality of my phone pictures.  I might try Mom's phone's pictures soon...
  In addition to that, Blogger decided not to cooperate with me today so all my pictures are out of order.  I apologize for that...
  Finally, I am scheduling posts.  The first one I did this with was China Glaze Mega Bite post.  This is because the mani before that lasted only a few days and I'm trying to stay weekly :).

 Okay I love love love this!  Enjoy!

Happy splattering!

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