Tuesday, July 26, 2011

China Glaze Mega Bite

  Every review I saw of this was basically, "Ugh what an ugly color!".  It really isn't an ugly color.  For me I was never able to pull of gold on my nails because the only gold nail polish I had was glitter (point taken).  But this is so easy to pull off because its not packed with glitter at all!
  Mega Bite is from the Tronica collection from Spring 2011 (correct me if I am wrong...).  I had received this as a birthday present from my Potterhead along with CG Atlantis, CG Silver Lining, FP Peaceful Purple, and FP Guggen I'm Lime.
Indoors with a ring finger accent.

This is a lovely two coater!

Close up on the flower accent.

This was the plate of flower stickers.  I dont know the brand nor do I know how old they are.
I received them from my aunt about a year ago.
  So don't go hating on me because I like the un-liked.  Its very pretty.  Though I never intended on doing this on my nubbins.  As of now, I only have three long ones.
  It was an easy two coater and wore pretty well.  I am definitely wearing this again.

Happy painting,

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