Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Funky Fingers Power Play and Love & Beauty Multi (Mattified)

  To start, Power Play (PP) is a neon purple in the bottle and on the nail it turns darker.  PP on me ended up looking like the color in the bottle mixed with red wine.  Its like a dark-ish purple/pink/red.  Its not nearly as neon on my nails as it is in the bottle.  See?

It looks like a berry wine here! (Thats the matte talking)
I dare you, just go onto Google Images and search "funky fingers power play" and THAT is the color.  Not this.
I am giving you a fair warning.  I love this mani even despite the tip wear after two and a half days.
Lots of "fail" pictures ahead.  I warned you...

This does not look matte.  That is the sparkles from Multi.
This is the bottle color!  Not that berry crap above this pic!

Ooohh deep wine color :) (I so want a polish that actually looks like that)
Definitely matte- eh?  I had to get my looong pinky nail in a shadow to show you that in fact this IS matte.

I might just be on a sparkle high.

Another more matte picture.

Dark.  Grrr

Why does this picture for my windowsill remind me of the beach?

Ok this is the almost-perfect picture.  This has the bottle color, the glitter, and the MATTE :)
Except on the nail is not the bottle color.  Mix this and the berry/wine color and thats what is on my nails.

  Ok for my matte I used Hard Candy's Matte-ly In Love.  It applied like a dream.  I might actually understand matte now.  Hmm...
  PP is very bright and looks much like the bottle color before I matte-ed it.  I do love this and the tip wear is due to the matte-ness of it.

Have you ever had a total win in a manicure but a total fail taking pictures of it?!

Happy matte-ing,

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  1. I love the layering, and it looks great matte too!


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