Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sinful Colors Black on Black with Funky Fingers Sand and Stilettos with OPI Black Shatter

  This manicure is a hot mess...  Once I realized that Sand and Stilettos was not opaque, then I had to figure out what to do.  I tried it on top of SC Black on Black and SC Snow Me White.  The black looked better.
  It started out bad when I got the black all over the edges of my fingers, then got worse when the glitter started dragging and bringing the black up with it, then got much better when the glitter successfully stayed on my nails, then bad again when it wouldn't dry.
  I'm typing this as Sand and Stilettos is still drying...

Just SC Black on Black, one coat no topcoat
Sand and Stilettos (two messy coats) over Black on Black

Yay! Holo glitter!
And finally, with black shatter on top.

These last three were taken indoors but in full direct sunlight from my window.

It took a full 24 hrs to even get this to what I wanted it to be.
  Eventually I ended up with 9 (yes I am serious) coats on seven (one of which I messed up once so that used an extra two coats but I took those off) of my fingers.  This included 1 base coat of NailGrowth, 1 coat of Black on Black, 1 coat Sand and Stilettos, 2 coats top coat (because I didn't realize that I would need the extra coat of glitter), 1 more coat of Sand and Stilettos, 1 more coat of top coat, 1 coat of Black Shatter, 1 final coat of top coat.
  But on the other three fingers I ended up with 1 base coat of Nailgrowth, 1 coat of Black on Black, 1 coat of Sand and Stilettos, then I removed it because the glitter was too thick and would never dry.  Then I did 1 coat of Black on Black and 1 coat of Sand and Stilettos, then I also removed that for the same reason.  But then I did the same thing as in the previous paragraph, minus the NailGrowth and the top coat between the two coats of Sand and Stilettos.

Have you ever shattered a glitter or a holo before?  Did Sand and Stilettos ever give you a lot of trouble (like not drying)?

Happy painting,

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