Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Very Berry Replay (Except Not...)

  Well, where I first saw this mani, I was like OMG and then I tried it.  Lol.

This is after I added some shimmer...

  Okay, so I know that I have been veryyyy lazy with posts lately.  I mean with finals last week and studying and graduation and work this week, it has been ridiculously crazy.  But like I said, it should be better now.  Well, that is unless I get home from work every day and fall asleep (like I have been)...
  But for this manicure I used Love and Beauty Olive (I think, there was no tag on it) for the turquoise and Zoya Lolly for the pink.  And then for shimmer I added China Glaze White Cap.  Let me tell you, it looked AH-MAY-ZING!  Like I loved the look of it so much that I did just the turquoise on my toes (with the shimmer).  Very summery.

Happy summer,

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wet n Wild Black Creme Etc.

  Ello guys!  As I get ready for my brothers graduation, please enjoy this random post.

  What I used was Wet n Wild Black Creme with Essie Shine of the Times and OPI Crown Me Already!  on top of it.  I wanted something... random.  So here is random!!
  So like I said, my brother's graduation from high school is tonight so I'm going to start getting ready for that in a bit (I have to play in the band).  It is outside on the football field and it is supposed to be nearly 90 degrees tonight.  It's going to be hot and sticky and blech but I'm happy for him.  I did my nails to match our school colors/my dress.

Happy graduating,

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Color Club Metamorphosis

  Hey guys!  Today for you, I have a complete stunner: Color Club Metamorphosis (aka the only Color Club I own...).

There you can see the purple shimmer.  Kinda...

  Metamorphosis is a teal/blue/green (I still can't decide) shimmer/foil.  It is... so hard to describe.  It is everything and everything else at the same time.
  I did three coats and it was lovely.
  Can't say much; try it yourself.

Happy foiling,

Friday, June 8, 2012

Wet n Wild Black Creme with China Glaze Luxe and Lush

  Hello everyone!  I know that I have been a bad bad blogger lately.  But as you can tell:  it's June.  For me that means mega end-of-year prep, work starting up, and temperatures rising.  Things get complicated in June, October, and January, so one must expect me to be more than slightly MIA at these times.  I promise that within the next three weeks, things on here should be back to normal (-ish).  In the mean time, please enjoy this post!
  So after my recent obsession with the Hunger Games trilogy, I decided to crack out Luxe and Lush (District 1, where I would belong).  I saw it matte somewhere over a black and decided to try it myself.  Very happy with the results!  "And may the odds be ever in your favor!"

Without matte top coat I believe
Same as above

  I believe the only matte picture is the first one.

Happy obsessing,