Saturday, August 6, 2011

Revlon Blue Lagoon with Pure Ice Oh Baby and OPI Black Shatter

  I don't exactly know what to say.  This manicure is first of all terrible.  I didn't know what I wanted to do for my next manicure so I picked out my most recent buy.  I bought this on a whim only because I wanted a baby blue.
  When I looked this up on my Google Reader when I got home, I thought what have I done?  I had read that it was streaky and terrible.  I thought maybe that was just their application and maybe it would be different for me...
  I was wrong.  Stroke 1: Wow nice color.  Stroke 2: Great pigmentation.  Stroke 3: Aw shit!  Then it turned streaky and only went downhill from there.  It looks great in the bottle but I don't love it.  I used two coats but I should've done three.  Then I put Pure Ice Oh Baby over it (second mani with it in a row!) and I liked it.  The duochrome shimmer in Oh Baby made Blue Lagoon more like-able.  Then I shattered it which didn't exactly go well.  It didn't shatter as I had wanted it to but oh well.
  Just saying, even after two coats of top coat, I had three minor chips within seven hours after I started applying it.  None of which are touched up in these pictures.
See? A somewhat decent manicure...
Stupid blogger is not letting me put my pictures in order!!

Awkward edited picture...

  This manicure was not at all how I planned it to be.  I'm not sure whether I totally have to write off Blue Lagoon yet but when I try my peace mani (not sure when that's going to be yet) I'll decide officially how sucky it is.  I didn't take a picture of it alone because I was embarrassed...
  All in all, it ended up looking pretty okay.  Application of the Revlon and the OPI was a bitch though.

Happy streaking,

P.S.- I'm sorry for the nubbins.  I was at the beach which killed the splatter design and the salt water dried my nail out and made them brittle.  They were now prone to break which almost all of them did.  I was extremely pissed.

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