Friday, June 3, 2011

A SUPER LONG POST FOR YOU! OPI and Love & Beauty Reviews: All the Berry Best Mini and Silver

The All the Berry Best is apparently from Ulta's 2010 OPI minis collection (FINALLY FOUND THE NAMES OF THEM!).
  I felt like I needed a red manicure because I never do red mani's.  Mainly because I think that it is too daring for me.  But since I currently contain every emotion except daring, then I just decided to go for it.  I really want to sit here and complain about how desultory (vocab word! and who said that I can't use them in everyday language (it means jumping from one thing to another randomly (basically discombobulated))) my life is but I'm just going to spare you the details and just tell you the reasons.
  My best guy friend likes me but he kinda screwed up so now I'm not sure if I'm going to say yes to him asking me out again (already done twice), my other best guy friend is going to Europe soon and can't receive texts there,  finals (oh god...), school newspaper screw-up which kinda really irks me, and I'm thinking about trying a new instrument (trumpet instead of my flute (I can play three notes!)) but my parents totally don't support me on it and my best friend's best friend gave me a major reason not to switch which happens to be a big deal for me so now I really don't know :(.
  So now back onto what the blog is about, nail polish.  I wanted red (daring) but you already know that. So after I took my newspaper off on Tuesday, I proved to myself that I can't even last a day without any nail polish whatsoever on my nails so I had to use my Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle which kept me from biting :P.  So that was the base coat for this mani.  While I was at the mall yesterday (oh thank god! the mall!!), I was at Forever 21 and saw this silver glitter nail polish and it just screamed to me.  It reminds me of a disco ball :).
  Okay I took a LOT of pictures of this Christmas-y mani...
The OPI bottle.  Please excuse the red on the cap.  Is this Manicurist in Seville?  Color is much darker than bottle.  See the gold in the bottle?? :) 
Outdoors (yay sun!) in shade.  With Manicurist of Seville.

Outdoors in shade.

 Indoors from the Macintop.
Outdoors in very dark shade.  Glitter looks too concentrated here :P

 Outdoors in blinding sun.  Not a very good picture but it shows the red perfectly. Silver is more concentrated though.

Outdoors in shade but not too much shade.  This is pretty accurate.

Nails with bottle of Silver.

Too sunny so I got an icky glare.
Silver Love & Beauty bottle.

The Macintop really does not want to cooperate so I apologize for the veryy messy post.

Happy glittering,

P.S.- WTF with this formatting?? and thank you Blogger for saving my post WITH PICTURES so when I backspaced I didn't lost everything. :)

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