Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mini Haul

  So I was out shopping last night.  I really haven't gone out to the mall or anything since like, May (I wince at the thought).  But while I was out, I picked up five new polishes.  Well that and the two that I got a couple weeks ago but have not reviewed yet.
  First I was out at Wal-Mart where I picked up a Wet n Wild and a Revlon (the two weeks ago trip).  Then yesterday I went to Target and picked up three Sinful Colors ones.  Lastly, I went to Ulta and picked up an OPI and a Zoya.  While I was there I had to resist the clearance section and two other Zoya's that I really want and totally regret not picking up.
  At least I put some of my birthday money to good use :P.
   From left to right: Wet n Wild Party of Five Glitters, Revlon Minted, Sinful Colors Black on Black, Sinful Colors Snow White, Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby, OPI Black Shatter, and Zoya Lolly.

  And here they are by trip:
Wet n Wild Party of Five Glitters
Revlon Minted

Sinful Colors Black on Black
Sinful Colors Snow White
Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby

OPI Black Shatter
Zoya Lolly
  Like I said, I now regret not getting OPI's Ogre-the-Top Blue and Zoya's Phoebe and Mitzi.

  Review on Wet n Wild Party of Five Glitters coming later today.

Happy shopping,

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