Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wet n Wild Rock Solid Review: 223 Pretty in Pink Diamonds

  Okay... Let's see if I can type on an iPod touch... Hmm not working out for me so far.
  So today I have for you a Wet n Wild color that has been in my stash since forever ago. I got it as a Hanukkah present at least two years ago. It must've been one of my first actually decent nail polishes that weren't no name brands.
  This one has been sittig in my stash COMPLETELY UNUSED. I was never big into the I'm-so-sheer-that-you-can't-wear-me-alone type thing. If you couldn't tell already, I am more into big, opaque colors that you would never see my mother pick up off the shelf at a store. It's "too bold" for some people. But this color is absolutely the opposite. I'm nor used to wearing light and sheer pinks, rather I am not used to wearing pinks at all. So this was a shocker when I decided to wear it.
  Well, it was unused on my nails.  I had used it for random things like splatter painting (highly fun) but it never made it's little way onto my little nails.
  I decided to do my first coat late Friday night when I got home from my best friend's dance showcase. After the first coat, my mom got angry and asked how many more coats. Now this ain't a color that you can last with less than three coats (at least) with. I was too tired to do coats two and three and maybe four on Friday night so I just went to bed (where I am laying on my mom's iPod and typing this (I so do bot understand how people type on this type of thing 24/7. I have so many spelling errors typing on this little touch screen keyboard).
  So the next day (not sure if it's morning like I said I am typing this the night before) I put on coats two and three, and then top coat.  Coats two and three didn't look very different from each other other than a tiny bit darker.
  Application was great.  I had a nice brush and the polish wasn't too thick at all.  That's pretty good for a polish that's at least two years old.  Very good.  And the bottle is so cute and very easy to hold.  It's not your usual OPI shape or even your regular Wet n Wild shape.  For some reason the bottle reminds me of the bottle of my liquid eyeliner...
  The picture doesn't do it justice because it doesn't show the micro glitter.
  I would describe this color as an extremely light coral or a peach base.  The micro glitter in it is light pink and gold.  In the light the color turned baby pink with red, orange, pink, and gold micro glitter in it. I am so pissed that I haven't used this color earlier.  I definitely thought that I would have a lot of VNL with this but almost none at all.  Only a little bit on a few nails.  That's amazing for a very sheer color.
Argg these pictures weren't supposed to be this blurry. Three coats.

 Another blurry one.  Two coats.  This one is the most accurate to the color.
 You can see a tiny bit of glitter on the middle finger.
 Excuse the distressed look of my fingers. One solid coat. Pretty good for one coat, eh?
Still one coat.  Pretty accurate to actual color.

  Hmm, I had a picture to show the (un-seeable) diference between coats two and three, but I can find it.  Oh well.
  I am surprised that I like this!

Happy painting,

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