Saturday, May 28, 2011

Newspaper Nails

  I decided to try something different.  I was poking around last week and found a video of how to make your nails be newspapers.  Her accent was a little hard to understand but I'll put the steps out here.  Sorry but I am unable to find the original video.


  • Top Coat
  • Newspaper
  • Nail Polish remover
  • Cotton Balls/Swabs
  • A bobby pin or two
  First you want to use the nail polish remover and the cotton balls to take of ALL of your previous manicure.  You want your nails completely bare.
  Next you want to take the newspaper and rip it or cut it into very small pieces.  You want all different shapes or sizes.  For instance, you want long and skinny ones, you want short and fat ones, and you want short and skinny ones.  Some of mine have only a word or a few letters on them because thats how small I  needed them to be.  Like I have "guess", "tight", "ning", "pun", "emy", "them", "choc", etc. As you can see, very small words.  Thought you want to make sure that this is that thin newspaper paper because high gloss paper won't work.
  Next you want to put top coat on ONE FINGER.  No more than ONE FINGER AT A TIME.  You want to lay the little newspaper pieces down on that WET nail.  You might need your finger or a bobby pin to make it stick.  All the edges need to be fully down.  You then lay more newspaper pieces on that finger in all different directions like a mini collage or mosaics until your nail is covered.  Note to reader: TRY TO NOT HAVE ANY NEWSPAPER STICKING OFF OF YOUR NAIL. YOU WILL REGRET IT.
  Repeat previous step for the rest of your fingers.
 Once the top coat underneath the newspaper has dried and the newspaper is stuck onto it, put a layer of top coat over it.  Personally, I needed four layers of top coat over it.  You may or may not need that many layers.
  Voila you have newspaper nails!
  Personally I love them and so does my oldest bro and his hest friend.  My parents hate them and think that they are stupid.  My friends have already said "Wow, I think I might steal this from you," which makes me think that they like it too.
  This is not for a person who does laundry or hard work every day.  My guess is that this is going to chip off.  Don't be hard on this manicure because it will come off.
NOTE: The pictures do not capture its full awesomeness.  Be aware that my camera is not turning on so these were taken by my MacBook Pro and my cell phone.  It is a lot cooler than it looks.  Trust me!

Happy newspapering,

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