Saturday, May 21, 2011

Funky Fingers Review: 450 Dark Knight and Art Club Review: 001 White

  Alas, my past manicure did not last too long.  I am hard on my nails and the side of a few chipped on Wednesday.  Since I had put many coats on, it was very different having part of my nail with polish on it and part without.  So I started picking at it.  By the time I got to school this morning, I had only a few chips but by the time I got home, I had no manicure.  But that's just me.
  So I have been waiting to do a zebra stripe.  I'm pretty fond of animal prints so I thought that this would be a fun task.  Honestly, I put all my new nail polish bottles (ended up being 11, eek! 3 china glaze, 3 finger paints, one that I don't know the brand of, and 4 sinful colors.  since one of my finger paints was only a top coat, I interpreted that as zebra) in a bag and picked one out to be the color that I was going to do.
  The reason that I don't have very expensive nail polish like OPI (I have 7 mini bottles of it but plan on buying a few big ones) is because I go through nail polish very quickly.  I used to be a biter, sometimes I still am, so on average I would walk into school with a manicure Monday, a different one on Tuesday, and a different one on Thursday probably.  But then the next Monday it would start all over again...
  These two colors I got hmm... Had to have been a while ago.  I can give you an exact date though.  May 1, 2010 (was with friends out for my birthday when I bought it).  Shortly thereafter, I bought the white.  This is the first time I have done a zebra-type thing.  I know that it really doesn't look like zebra but whatever.  Two coats of black, two coats of stripes, and two coats of top coat. Eek! that's a lot!
  Bad pictures, yes, I know.  They are from my cell and don't have better than 2.0 quality.  But that's okay!
  I don't hate this manicure but I won't be devastated when it chips or peels off.  As long as I don't bite it off, then I'm content.  As you can see, the nails on my middle and ring fingers are longer than the rest because those are the only ones that haven't been bitten or broken in the part month.  I'm just waiting for all of them to finish re-growing out to do a French Manicure (can't wait!).
  Not the best polish.  The Dark Knight had a very thick consistency but then again, it's pretty old in my book.  I've used it for several dozen manicures and usually works out pretty good.  One problem that I had with it this time is that it didn't dry as quickly as I had hoped it would.  I might've just put on too thick coats.  Usually, if you put on thin coats, then you are off to a very good start with this brand.  It just smells a lot.
  I love love love the brush on the White.  It is super thin and so is the polish I guess.  Its just thick enough to be a good consistency but its just thin enough to not be gloppy.
  Neither of these colors is particularly matte or sheer.  Black has a little bit of a sheer finish but not a noticeable amount.  The top coats make it look a lot more sheer than it is which is what I like.
  I am estimating that this manicure will last between next Thursday and a week from Monday.  So an estimated seven to eleven days.
  UPDATE: This morning (Saturday morning) when I woke up, there was already a minor chip on one nail and a big chip on the other.  I am honestly not very pleased with this.  I do not blame the actual nail polish but I do blame my top coat.  The first coat (Revlon) made the white very streaky and I am not used to being less than pleased with this brand of top coat.  The second coat (Finger Paints) never really dried.  Even after a few hours it was still a little squishy.  I do not expect this manicure to last long.  Even if it is still in tact by next weekend, then I am probably going to remove it anyway.
Looks more like a gothic candy cane than a zebra right?

Happy Painting,

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