Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sinful Colors Review: 946 Happy Ending and 52 Cream Pink

  I got these at Target a few weeks ago for $1.99 each.  I had to pick up a bunch of bright colors for a mani pedi party that I was having but I didn't feel like spending $10 a bottle for them.  So when I went there I saw Sinful Colors.  I had never heard of it before but the colors were very girly and bright so I thought that I should get them.  But I knew that I was taking a risk by buying them because I had never used them before.
  This nail polish is great!  I had gotten an assortment of 32 colors for me and my friends to choose from and they were arguing about only getting to keep two because they loved the colors so much.
  I ended up choosing Happy Ending and Cream Pink as my two colors.  Cream Pink was this soft but very neon-ish pink.  In the bottle it looked slightly dull but as you see it had a neon finish to it and was sheer in some places on the nail (see right side of every nail) but was overall a very good color.  Though the color didn't become very true-to-itself until the second coat.  I had put two coats of that over three coats of Happy Ending.
  I LOVE HAPPY ENDING!  I'm not a very "green" person, but this is my favorite.  I like it because it's not an emerald green, its more of a medium, glittery green.  It is not as sheer as I thought it would be which is great because I was using it as the base/undercoat for the pink.  I was going for a watermelon-type look (hence the pink and green).  I loved this color so much that I put it on my toes too!  Over the Happy Ending and the Cream Pink I had put two coats of Finger Paints top coat but it didn't dry fast enough and had bumps in it, so I put on one coat of Revlon top coat.
  I would recommend this nail polish to everyone.  This brand and these colors are awesome!  The green is a little bit lighter than it is in the bottle and the pink is a little bit darker.

Happy Painting,

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