Monday, September 26, 2011

Pure Ice No Means No (and other stuff)

  I did this the night before Irene hit.  She hit me bad-ish.  I already have an entire post up about her.  But now Blogger isn't cooperating with me again.  Sigh.  Enjoy these terrible-ish pictures.
Just No Means No.  A very slightly blackened purple.  IRL you can see this hidden multichrome shimmer in it.
Yay awesomeness!
Awkward matte picture.  I can NOT photograph matte...
  In this I used 3 coats Pure Ice No Means No, then 1 coat of Pure Ice Tease (formerly seen here!), and then 1 coat of Pure Ice Oh Baby!.  Then I matte-ified it.  Matte isn't my friend :(
  It never dried fully so it just wiped right off the next day.

Happy shimmering,

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