Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fantasy Makers Night Glow

  Despite my need to just let my nails grow, I painted them again (and again, and again).  But this time I tried something awesome!  Fantasy Makers is made by Wet n Wild and some of their colors are dupes for Wet n Wild colors.
  But a glow-in-the-dark polish?  COOL!
  I only kept it on for like a little less than two days.  It was glowing (and mesmerizing me/freaking me out) when I went to sleep the first night but I don't remember it glowing when I woke up in the morning...  And it was dark because I wake up at 5:20 and the sun comes up around 6:40ish (when this mani was done (about two-ish weeks ago)).
  I really want to try this over another yellow or orange or green.  But I'll try that more around Halloween  time :).
It actually does tint yellow...

But it glows in the dark (hence the name)!

This is how band my naked nails are looking these days.
 My nails haven't grown much at all since this picture.  My pinky and pointer fingers don't have that ugly edge anymore so that's good.
  This mani was a day or two after the Distressed post.  Sigh.  At this rate they aren't going to be long during Halloween :(.

Happy glowing,

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