Saturday, October 29, 2011

Icing Epic Winning

  Doesn't everyone remember this guy?  I sure do...
Charlie Sheen! (photo from Google Images)
  Well if you aren't in the loop then you don't know that Icing has three nail polishes named after him; Epic Winning, Tiger's Blood, and Rockstar From Mars.  I didn't pick up the last one though.
  But I was going to a mall that has an Icing in it (I was so excited!) because the closest one to me is 45 minutes away.  I had seen Epic Winning on the shelf and eventually decided to get it when I hadn't seen Tiger's Blood which was my main objective.  But at the register there were a few bottles of Tiger's Blood and I was like OMG it was just sitting there waiting for me!  Eek!!!
  Without more chattering, here is Epic Winning (and it actually wins epically).


Three coats glitter, one top coat.

Love in a bottle...

Pointer, middle, and pinky all have one coat of a blue and (I think) only one coat of Epic Winning.
Ring finger has one coat of black and (I think) only one coat of Epic Winning.
I am in love with it over black.

  There you have it, one of my new favorite loves.  It is a thiiiiiiick glitter but the result is well worth the difficult application and the icky brush (I hate it!  Too big!) and the rip-off bottle (exactly like China Glaze's).

Happy winning,

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