Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fantasy Makers Night Glow Reswatch

  My reswatch of Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Night Glow.  This time I specifically paid attention to the glow.  It glowed for several days.  The glow did fade a bit each day though.  Once my eyes adjusted to the glow, it went away.  So it really only glowed for me for a few minutes after it was dark.
Four coats I think
  Everything else is pretty much the same.  But I think that I had an easier time applying it this time.

Happy glowing,

P.S.-  I hope everyone in the NorthEast is okay.  We got hit pretty bad.  A lot of trees came down, a lot of wires, and a helluva lot of snow.  I know I just got  my power back after seventy-seven hours (luckily I had a generator).  Just hang in there and they strong.

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