Sunday, November 20, 2011

Funky Fingers Riot (with some Pure Ice shimmers)

  The first picture is when I re-did the mani a few days later, just without the shimmer.  I really do like this purple :)  Its gorgeous.
  Riot is a dark purple.  The picture below is slightly blackened (which annoys me).  I said last night at dinner that it looks like grape jelly but my mom said that it is too opaque to be grape jelly.  I meant the shade of purple that grape jelly is.  It's like the color of the cap on the dark Welch's grape jelly jar.  It's a nice purple that dries to a semi-matte (RUBBERIZED) finish.
Too dark a picture (GRR) without.  Two coats but I eventually added a third and some top coat.
With Pure Ice Oh Baby! on all fingers except for Pure Ice Busted on the ring finger.

Oh Baby! flashes purple/pink/blue whereas Busted flashes purple/gold/pink.
  On the second trial (the one with just Riot) I put it on Wednesday night and I'm still wearing it with a little tip wear and chips on two fingers on Sunday morning. Woo!!!

Happy painting,

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