Sunday, October 16, 2011

dELiA*s (not so) Neon Yellow.

Three (maybe four?) coats of yellow yummyness.

It had some blue undertones but to bring it out more, I put Pure Ice Oh Baby! over it.

Just a little more neon than IRL.

*shakes head* You have not killed my want for Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. Grr.
  A little barely neon yellow that I got from a haul in early August.  I got it in a 4-pack for $3.  Steal.  After three and a half day, I have a little chipping near my cuticles on the ring fingers and I have a slightly distressed right thumb (it didn't dry properly) but otherwise this is the longest lasting manicure that I have worn since my Mets manicure.  It's been a while and that's why I've been so ahead in posting.

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