Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stash Shots and Info

  Hey guys!  A had a conversation with a girl at my school about nail polish and I had to describe the massive size of my stash.  This was from a few weeks ago (probably around March 20th).  Not pictured is OPI Speak for Your-Elf (which was at a friend's house) and the new four I just bought (which are lower in the post).
All of them.  146. (again, all don't include the 5 specified above)
Still all.
I don't know why this is all but it looks different.
I think I was missing Happy Birthday in the previous two pictures.
My not-so-high-end brands
Untries at the top, tries at the bottom.  A better proportion than I though.
Just because I said tries doesn't mean I have blogged about them...
My middle and higher end brands.
Separated by finish.
Seperated by color.

My new 4 acquisitions:
China Glaze Luxe and Lush
Color Club (my first!) Metamorphasis
Sinful Colors Zeus
China Glaze Smoke and Ashes
My awkwardly sideways picture of the Fleck and Tru collections at Ulta.
  Now for my statistics...

Per Brand:
OPI 20
China Glaze 2
Funky Fingers 15
Art Club 9
Pure Ice 9
Sinful Colors 8
Wet n Wild 8
Love & Beauty 7
Hearts 6
Revlon 6
Zoya 5
Babies 4
The Color Workshop 4
Delia's 4
Butter London 3
Deborah Lippmann 3
Kleancolor 3
Claire's 2
Essie 2
Finger Paints 2
Icing 2
Limited Too 2
Sally Hansen 2
Ulta 2
Color Club 1
Del Sol 1
Hot Topic 1
Lori Anne 1
Sephora by OPI 1
2012 1

Per Color:
Blue 28
Purple 25
Pink 23
Green 19
Silver 13
Black 8
Gold 7
Loose Glitter 7
Red 7
White 7
Yellow 4
Orange 2

Per Finish:
Glitter 34
Creme 26
Chrome 22
Shimmer 18
Neon 11
Holographic Glitter 10
Sheer 8
Crackle 7
Duochrome 5
Flakies 3
Matte 3
Holographic 2
Jelly 1

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