Saturday, April 21, 2012

Icing Epic Winning Reswatch

  To end my basketball season with a bang, I needed something.  Something... lucky.  Because even though we made it to the championship game, it was a team we lost to by one point (twice).  One shot could've made a difference in those games but whatever.  So I needed something... winning.  Enter Epic Winning :).

Shade and light.

Me loves me some holo glitter.
Love it in shade too.

  Like before, it was a pain in the ass to apply.  Like thick and ewww but it looks SOO cool.  Worth it :).  Only two coats this time.
  We did lose the game (by one point, shocker), but it was a hard fought game.  We had a really good team and we played hard.  Personally, I'll take second place any day.

Happy glittering,

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