Saturday, April 28, 2012

Funky Fingers Monster Ballad

  Hey everyone!!  Today I have Funk Fingers Monster Ballad, a pink chrome.  Well, maybe not a chrome, but in that family.  I kind of liked it.  If you can see closely, there are many, many little bubbles. And imprints.  It didn't like me very much...

It's a nice shade of pink.

  As I have said many, many times before, I am not a pink person.  I like pink clothes, but I hate pink on my nails.  Only a few have broken that standard: namely Zoya Lolly and China Glaze Ahoy!.  Umm, like the only two pinks I have posted about??  Lol.  Well, this follows the rule that I don't particularly like pinks.  It's nice... just not for me.  I would've liked it better if it cooperated with me.  Also, I think this is a dupe of one of the ones from Color Club's Foiled collection, but I'm not positive.  It is a possibility though because they are made by the same company.
  Nice application, 3 coats.  My usual base + top coat.  Just not the desired result.

Happy chrome-ing,

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