Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

  For Valentine's day this year, I did Zoya Ali.  In my own defense, I totally expected it to be more... dark and less... neon.  Lol.  I was NOT expecting this!  Just imagine how my toes must feel like with this on, haha.

Its like a neon salmon pink.  I'm not kidding.

Creme for once, yay!

Neon ftw (for the win), hopefully.

I like my artistic out of focus pictures.

Really, really, super neon.
 This is not what I was going for.  And I'm really not in the mood to stamp over it or do another pink.  :P  So I'm going to leave you with this...
What I got the boyfriend for Valentine's Day.
It's going to be a little late and I know he isn't reading this so, it's all good :)
The mug is white with speckles and has all little cooking things on it.  I think he'll like it.
  So Happy Valentine's Day everyone and remember, it's not Forever Lonely Day unless you let your negativity overpower the positive in your life.  If you've got food, clothes, friends, family, and religion, your life is happy and complete :)

Happy Valentining,


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