Monday, February 20, 2012


  Okay, pictures first, then I talk.  And in advance, I apologize for the holographic picture overload that you may or may not endure. ;)  (The better pictures are towards the bottom, with the better camera)
Bottle shot, full sunlight (in summer).


Three coats of holographic, no top coat.


Win.  Nothing but win.
  Specifics of what I used: 1 coat of base coat (regular, not aqua), 3 coats of color.  No top coat, no special base coats.  It didn't last for long, like 4 days tops.  But OMG to have such a coveted color of such an epic win.  GOSH! (lol)
  Not much to say about this that you can't already see.  If you got it, yay you!  If you haven't, the only places to get it are through ebay ($39 minimum) or a giveaway (how I got mine).


We need more polishes like this.

Double rainbow all the way... Jk

The green shift

Full holo rainbow power!

Last one I promise!
  Again, after wearing it for a second time (and in the middle of winter I dare say), I still love it.  I didn't want to take it off, but after it became the manicure during my breakup, I kinda wanted to.  But you know what sadness means?  More polishes! (4 more to be exact :P)
  So drool all over your keyboard (as long as you clean it up) and try to find a silver holo, depending on where you live it can be easy to find one or pretty damn hard.  Especially for a discontinued European one.  TO SEE A COMPARISON OF SOME SILVER HOLO POLISHES GO HERE!!!

Happy holo-ing,

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