Friday, March 23, 2012

Revlon Carbonite

  Hello blogopshere!  Want to hear a funny story?  I am extremely backlogged on posting.  Like 13 drafts backlogged...  And then there are those awkward moments when I have a beautiful manicure that lasts two days and I forget to take pictures of it...  Hate those days...
  But today, I've got a manicure from late February.  Revlon Carbonite.  This lasted like a few days on me.  Manicures on me = don't last too long.  But it is G O R G E O U S!  So worth getting!
I love how it looks gritty and grungy.

Bottle shott
Here you can see it's dimentions.

Silver here.

Sorry for lack of cleanup but THIS RIGHT HERE IS WHY I LOVE IT!

  Carbonite is a well-known pretty much dupe for Chanel Graphite.  I love both colors and from not owning Graphite, I can't say whether they are real dupes or not.  Sorry :(.
  But it is this silver with gold shimmer and it looks like slightly rusted metal.  I am totally in love with it. If you see it, get it.  You won't be sorry.  This is two? three? coats shown here.

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