Tuesday, March 27, 2012


  Back in February (I think) my family went to a Rutgers men's basketball game (I thiiiiiink they lost, don't quote me on that).  All I can really remember was criticizing Josh with Dan and singing stand tunes with Josh.  Being a band geek, you know every stand tune out there ;).
  But this is the manicure I wore to the game.  One freaking fail of a manicure.
China Glaze Hey Sailor with Funky Fingers White Scales on all but my ring fingers.
Wet n Wild French White on the accent finger.
Like, freaking look at it!  The red was like "heh heh heh it would be funny if I smudged.  ALL OVER THE WHITE!"
  Grr.  I was notttt happy with the final result of this.  But all in all, GO RUTGERS!  (I know they are out of March Madness already :-/)

Happy cheering,

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