Saturday, July 21, 2012

Disco Chicks

  Hello readers!!  I got this polish (Love & Beauty Silver Glitter) over a year ago and I use it every so often.  I even have a manicure right here from like when I first started blogging!  Oh the difference!

  I kinda forgot to take a lot of pictures for this, so it is a quite short post.  But to explain the name, I work at a day camp and my girls are second graders.  Our group name is the Disco Chicks and these girls are the cutest things on the planet.  And there are only eight of them.  Yes, EIGHT!  I got luckyyy.  But since these girls are the Disco Chicks, for open house and the first day of camp I thought I would do something fitting, a.k.a. disco ball nails :)

Happy summer,

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